I came back from San Francisco and among many excellent things I noticed there, I was impressed with the city's vintage street car line. It's a working line, open 20 hours a day, with 27 old-style streetcars. Each one is painted with the colours of the original city from which San Francisco acquired it. Apparently the fleet includes an old Toronto Transit Commission streetcar, painted in the old brown and cream colours of the TTC.
What a great idea. It gets people around town, and it just makes you smile when you see these streetcars. It's not like I'm a trainspotter or anything. It's just one of those "sense of city" things that makes the difference between being in a boring place and an interesting one. Good work San Francisco! I know the TTC still retains two of these old cars for special events and a summer run through Harbourfront, but I still wonder: why can't Toronto be more imaginative? We have the tracks, we have the lines. We used to have more than 700 of those old streetcars, which we sold or scrapped. What would be wrong with coming up with something interesting like San Francisco's line?