Okay, so the candidate I worked for in the Mayor's race lost. Naturally a lot of us are disappointed. But now it's time to be realistic.
A lot of people are commenting on how gracious and eloquent George Smitherman was after conceding defeat. It looked good on him and made me glad I supported him whatever the result.
By being realistic, I mean that those Toronto residents who have a different vision than Mayor-elect Ford's need to re-ask themselves the ballot question: what kind of Toronto do you want? That means divorcing this question from the election/horserace context now, and instead considering what would make the city better, more effectively run. Now that the vote is over, let's stop thinking about who won and who lost for a while and concentrate on what should happen that's best for the city. I know--easier said than done--but sometimes you have to do the hard things too.
I just voted in the Toronto municipal election for George Smitherman for Mayor. Vote for George!