I'm trying to figure out what is right and wrong with our upcoming federal election. The clichés about voter apathy and the "small-ball" micro-analysis that passes for commentary leave me a bit cold, to tell the truth.
I'm going to support my MP, Liberal Carolyn Bennett, who works hard and does a good job. If anyone deserves reelection, she does. We would be well-governed if we elected a slate of people like Carolyn Bennett.
At the same time, on the larger, national I think the voters are telling all the parties that they are both dissatisfied and satisfied at the same time.
What do I mean? I think the voters are dissatisfied with the quality of decision-making and process that we are seeing in Ottawa. If we come back after a few years and look at the issues that made the headlines right now I think we'll find them mostly small and irrelevant. Some of the voter apathy reflects the public saying: go away until you get it right.
What's the satisfaction part of this equation? In some ways, voters are signalling that they understand the politicians' dilemma. The world is complicated and we shouldn't expect that we can elect people who are capable of solving every problem every time. So that's why many people shrug their shoulders and pay less attention to the election than the opniocracy thinks they ought to. Perhaps it's a collective message from the voters: come back when you have something new and interesting to tell us.