There is an interesting blog in the New York Times today about a pilot project by Starbucks to recycle its paper coffee cups, sending cups from Toronto to a plant in Mississippi. 
vGood stuff, but one question--does the project factor in the fuel use to send the cups down the river?


04/11/2016 10:02

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06/22/2017 10:04

It's really ironic how these big companies are coming up with these kinds of advocacies. Their actions are the total opposite of what they want to do. I'm not against Starbucks, but I just don't get the whole point of this advocacy. New York Times was just right in time to come up with this article. I hope the management will have the time to read it.

04/03/2017 22:25

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04/22/2017 02:28

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08/15/2017 23:07

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