As a writer and a once-and-future journalist, I  find the whole WikiLeaks phenomenon fascinating. Not so much because of the content--it's all stuff we more or less knew already, with the leaks confirming the obvious.
No, there are two fascinating aspects for me. First, the process: what used to require, months, even years of cultivating sources by a journalist now comes spewing out in a nanosecond, and we can't even keep up with the information.
Secondly, I think the sheer volume of information makes journalistic judgment more difficult than ever. This judgment was always about choices--what is most significant, what is most interesting, what is a good combination of the two. Now there is just too much information all at once to deal with, and it makes judgment a problem.
I may write more about this...


07/26/2016 06:27

Yeah, it's a great phenomenon. Nice post.

04/07/2017 19:29

As a journalist, I also believe that the coming of WikiLeaks will be very helpful to us! It's a phenomenon worth waiting! It makes the work easier obviously. Gathering information was made easy because of WikiLeaks! It's true that technology is a big help to all of us. This kind of innovation doesn't just help the people in the field of Journalism, but it's for everyone's good as well!

04/12/2017 02:19

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